Wedding dress code guide

Planning a wedding? Be sure to check out this groom's attire guide.

Dress coat

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A dress coat is a jacket with tails that is worn for a function that has a ‘white tie’ dress code, often known as ‘evening full dress’. Traditionally, you would choose black or midnight blue fabric with matching trousers. The trousers sit higher than modern lower-cut suit trousers. The height of the trousers is decided by the ‘U-measurement’ which is taken from the waistline at the front to the waistline at the back.


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Morning coat

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A morning coat is the staple jacket for a daytime formal dress code. The name comes from morning nineteenth century horse-riding exercises for the nobility. In the 21st century, it is the jacket of choice for weddings and horse races, such as the British Royal Ascot.


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Frock coat

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A frock coat is now worn for weddings as an alternative to a morning coat and so is also considered a daytime formal dress code. It was initially worn by military men and was made popular in civilian use by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. The current fashion is to sport a frock coat of solid black or darker shades of grey are quite common and team it with trousers in striped grey with braces.


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A tuxedo or dinner jacket, is the staple of a ‘black tie’ dress code. Black tie is a semi-formal evening dress code and is now quite usual for weddings as well as other social functions, even sometimes if they start before 5pm.


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The lounge or business suit is a modern and popular choice for weddings, as it is less formal than other more traditional wedding attires and can be worn in a much wider variety of colours than the more formal styles are. The suit spans two wedding dress codes, the informal and the semi-formal.


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